Here are some pics of Jeff and Cindi's new house...there has been some changes since some of these pics were taken, click here for the latest pics...

This property was purchased and the house built by the Boyd family in 1960. The Boyds have been a part of Hurst for a long time and many folks in town know the Boyds as well as the Boyds know lots of folks in Hurst.

The property has a cute gazebo which is actually the front porch of the original Hurst family homestead that was a part of this property. We're still researching this, but so far it is really neat stuff...

In addition to the main house, there is a detached garage, chicken coop, 2 story barn - some dirt floor for a horse area/pen, monkey cage (yes, they even had a monkey for the kids at one time :-) however we have since removed the cage) a well, and lots of trees all on 3.61 acres.

We have great plans for this house and property, well God does anyway...God has blessed us with so much, that we are now able to start doing the tasks we believe God has set us to do...we see many ministry activities here: outdoor mini-concerts, general fellowships inside and outside, home church/bible studies, and the list gets longer all the time.

front center      
facing out towards pond  
garage and game room  
game room and left side house  
center and right side  
back of house  
backyard pool 
playground area